Tempi e costi consegna-EN

With Briconow, delivery times are very short and you can purchase from the comfort of your home.


The products will be shipped in 2 working days starting from receipt of payment and will be delivered to your home in the following 2-5 working days.

When the order is completed, we will indicate the expected delivery date and, when the package is shipped from our warehouses, you will receive an email confirming delivery.

Shipping is always free, you just have to choose the product that's right for you!


In case of delivery delays, read our FAQs here or contact us.

How can I contact the courier? Can I have his contact number?

No, it is not possible to contact the courier, you can contact customer support to receive updates.


Will the courier call me before making the delivery?

No, you can monitor the shipment in real time via the tracking number which you simply enter here.


When is delivery expected? What if the courier is late?

The expected delivery date is specified at the time of purchase. If the courier is delayed, we recommend that you contact customer support.

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